H.I.T. (High Intensity  Training) 
Tekniques has introduced a new concept to the meaning of "Total Body Workout" with our latest creation called H.I.T., or High Intensity Training. We offer 3 different H.I.T. classes.

* H.I.T. Cardio

* H.I.T. Plyometric

* H.I.T. Strength

 Since you burn more calories if you exercise intensely rather than slowly, we've designed our H.I.T. training routines to push your body to the threshold, forcing you to maximize your body's output in a very short period of time, turning you into a calorie-buring machine. 

Our High Intensity Training workouts will give you toned, sleek muscles and will make you fit and healthy. 

If you want nice arms, legs and abs without the bulk, come see us

 Our H.I.T. classes are designed for the new comer as well as the more experienced athlete. H.I.T is a preferred way to train strength and conditioning for one-on-one competition sports as well as team sports such as football, baseball, soccer, etc. Many of our accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors use H.I.T. as a pre-competition training program.
Tekniques offers the workout you need, with the results you demand. Isn't it time you stop procrastinating and start transforming yourself into the athlete you CAN become.  Try High Intensity Training today.

Discover the Athlete Within....

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I have always wanted to see just how far I could push my body and what I was capable of.  Tekniques has allowed me to find out.  I started training at Tekniques 7 months ago and I have lost over 45 lbs and I am still losing weight today. 
Renee W., Customer Service Rep
Hiram, Georgia 

Suffering from back problems for many years, Tekniques’ workouts have tremendously strengthened my back.  My lower back has never felt better. My physical well being has also improved.  I can now see definition in my arms, and that was a big accomplishment for me.  My job also requires me to be in shape.  As a firefighter, the job can be very physical.  I feel now that I can perform to the best of my ability thanks to Tekniques.
Stephen W., Chief Firefighter
Douglasville, Georgia 

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 H. I. T.
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I’ve worked out at a lot of name brand gyms and at home with name brand exercise videos over the years with adequate results.  Working out at Tekniques has shown me a completely different way to train my body and has produced awesome results in just 4 months.  The instructors are supportive and tailor workouts to produce extreme results.  The camaraderie and family friendly atmosphere makes Tekniques a great facility to workout in.  With kids’ classes and adult classes running at the same time, it makes working out a convenience.  
Nicole O., 
Certified Reflexologist & Aromatherapist 
Powder Springs, Georgia  

I’ve been a member with Tekniques for 9 months.  I have been so happy with the level of training and skill at the gym.  The instructors are very thorough, attentive and help you train properly.  I’ve been pushed to a level in my workouts that I never thought I’d reach.  The instructors are supportive throughout your entire workout and the whole gym has been friendly and active in helping us (my family and I) reach our goals in BJJ and cardio.  I look forward to continuing my training at Tekniques. 
Melissa H., Homemaker 
Dallas, Georgia   

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